Shawnee Mission Indian Historical Society

Shawnee Mission, like many other missions, was established as a manual training school attended by boys and girls from Shawnee, Delaware, and other Indian nations from 1839 to 1862. Visit this 12-acre National Historic Landmark and learn the stories of those who lived there.

The Shawnee Mission Indian Historical Society was founded October 20, 1930 and is believed to be the oldest continuously operating historical society in Kansas.

The primary purpose of this Society shall be to lend support to the preservation of the Shawnee Indian Museum, to collect and preserve materials for a true history of the Shawnee Indians, to give to the graves of those buried in the cemetery of the Mission such attention as desired by a majority of this Society, and to educate the public about the Mission.  It shall be the purpose of this Society to enroll members interested in preserving memories, traditions, landmarks, and history of Johnson County Indians, missionaries and pioneers.