Did You Know?

  • What noted entrepreneur established the first airfield west of the Mississippi River? This was William Strang in 1909. The airfield was located at today’s 79th and Marty in Overland Park, Kansas.
  • Who became the first woman doctor in the state of Kansas by moving to Spring Hill (the Kansas Territory at that time) in January 1859? Celia Ann Dayton, a doctor from Vermont.
  • What individual founded the Kansas City Southern Railroad and has a community in Johnson County (and Texas) named for him? This individual was Arthur Stilwell.
  • Who is the Medal of Honor recipient buried in the Monticello cemetery? William B. Trembley.
  • What park in Johnson County is named for the famous Shawnee Indian Chief?  Black Bob Park, located in Olathe, Kansas.
more to come, soon!