JCKHF Affiliate Member Organizations

JCKHF Affiliate Member Organizations

  • Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area

    http://www.freedomsfrontier.org/ Freedom’s Frontier NHA began as a grassroots effort of people just like you, who were concerned about our landscape. They understood that we have an important, nationally significant story to share about shaping the frontier, the Missouri-Kansas Border War and the enduring struggle for freedom. Join us in our efforts in helping to interpret history that helped shape a nation. Check out the Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area App – available web-based, or on the Apple and Google Play app stores!
  • De Soto Kansas Historical Society

    https://www.facebook.com/desotokshistoricalsociety/ The mission of the De Soto Kansas Historical Society is to promote, educate and preserve the history of De Soto, Kansas and history of Lexington Township and the Northwest Johnson County Area. The purpose of this organization is to bring together people interested in preserving and understanding the history of our community so it will not be lost.
  • Gardner Historical Museum, Inc.

    https://gardnerhistoricalmuseum.com/ Facebook Page The Gardner Historical Museum invites you to join us in preserving the rich history of Gardner, Kansas and southwest Johnson County by becoming a member of the Museum. 3 Trails History & 200 Anniversary of Santa Fe Trail-American Solar Car Challenge
  • Kansas School for the Deaf Museum

The mission of the Kansas School for the Deaf Museum is to promote, educate and preserve the history of Kansas State School for the Deaf. The Museum brings together people interested in preserving and understanding the history of our school.

  • Kansas City Area Historic Trails Association

    https://www.kcahta.org/ Our goal is to educate the public to the historical significance of the trails as they traversed through the Greater Kansas City area. Each trail with its own importance; Santa Fe Trail was a trail of commerce.  Oregon Trail was a route of emigrants to discover new territory. California Trail went west to find “gold”. Lewis and Clark to find a primary water route that would link the east to the west.
  • Leawood Historic Commission

    https://www.leawood.org/leawood-historic-commission/ The purpose of the Historic Commission is to identify, protect and preserve the historical, architectural and cultural heritage of Leawood, Kansas, and to make that heritage accessible to its citizens for their use and education through appropriate means.
  • Lenexa Historical Society

    https://lenexahistoricalsociety.org/ Mission Statement To be an essential part of Lenexa by preserving and promoting its story, and to be relevant within the community through involvement and education. Vision Statement Preserving, promoting, and presenting the story of Lenexa.
  • The Madame C.J. Walker School

    South Park, KS community in the 1860’s built a school (Madame CJ Walker School – named after its patron the first American/Black woman millionaire entrepreneur) in which Black and White kids went to, at a time when that was unheard of.  A new school was built (South Park Elementary School) that at first was for White kids only until the Black and White community came together, sued and won in 1949. That led to the landmark case Brown vs Board of Education, Topeka, KS, 1954, that desegregated education for all!
  • Mahaffie Historical Farm and Stagecoach Stop

    https://www.mahaffie.org/ Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop & Farm invites visitors of all ages to discover a working 1860s farm with horses, chickens, sheep, and other livestock. You and your family can engage in some of the activities that were a part of daily life for the Mahaffie family and their neighbors. Mahaffie is open year round, activities and admission vary by day and by season.
  • Mid-America Nazarene University: Marge Smith Archives

    https://www.mnu.edu/ We are a Christian university that nurtures Christlike community, pursues academic excellence and cultivates a passion to serve. These commitments are rooted in three of our most enduring values.
  • Missouri River Outfitters (SFTA Chapter)

    https://www.santafetrail.org/about-us/mission-goals/ The mission of the Santa Fe Trail Association is to protect and preserve the Santa Fe Trail and to promote awareness of the historical legacy associated with it. The Santa Fe Trail Association’s purposes are exclusively charitable and educational within the meaning of Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Monticello Community Historical Society

    https://www.monticelloks.org/ The Monticello Community Historical Society is dedicated to the appreciation, preservation, and celebration of the history and heritage of the Monticello Township community in Johnson County, Kansas.
  • Museum of Deaf History, Arts and Culture

    http://www.museumofdeaf.org/ Our museum offers an opportunity to learn about the rich heritage and experience of being Deaf.  We are a non-profit 501(c)3 foundation, and we offer group tours and special events by appointment.  Admission and parking is free, though donations are greatly appreciated.
  • Overland Park Historical Society

    https://www.ophistorical.org/ The mission of the Overland Park Historical Society is to collect,    preserve, research, exhibit, and educate the public about the history of the region of Overland Park, Kansas and the surrounding areas.
  • Olathe Historical Society

    https://www.facebook.com/olathehistoricalsociety/ The purpose of the Olathe Historical Society is to create interest in the history of Olathe, to bring together people interested in that history and to discover, collect and preserve material and sites which help to illustrate the history of the area.
  • Philadelphia missionary baptist church – Former home of the Madame CJ Walker School

To enlighten and educate the community at large of the history of the Walker School and its contribution to the uniting of all peoples in the field of education

  • Shawnee Mission Indian Historical Society

    https://www.kshs.org/p/shawnee-indian-mission/19570 Shawnee Mission, like many other missions, was established as a manual training school attended by boys and girls from Shawnee, Delaware, and other Indian nations from 1839 to 1862. Visit this 12-acre National Historic Landmark and learn the stories of those who lived there. The Shawnee Mission Indian Historical Society was founded October 20, 1930 and is believed to be the oldest continuously operating historical society in Kansas. The primary purpose of this Society shall be to lend support to the preservation of the Shawnee Indian Museum, to collect and preserve materials for a true history of the Shawnee Indians, to give to the graves of those buried in the cemetery of the Mission such attention as desired by a majority of this Society, and to educate the public about the Mission.  It shall be the purpose of this Society to enroll members interested in preserving memories, traditions, landmarks, and history of Johnson County Indians, missionaries and pioneers.
  • Stilwell Community Organization, Inc.

    http://www.stilwellcommunity.org/ The Stilwell Community Organization is a non-profit organization devoted to the betterment of the Stilwell, Kansas community.  A focus of the organization is to help foster a community spirit that makes Stilwell a wonderful place to live and raise a family.
  • Trails Head (OCTA Chapter)

    https://www.trailshead.org/ The early 19th Century towns of Independence and Westport began as “jumping off” points from the Missouri River, serving several historic trails and routes for emigrant, commerce and military purposes. Through education, preservation and historical markers the trail comes to life through densely populated and diverse communities. We invite you to drive, hike or bike our many trail corridors; (Oregon, California, Santa Fe, Lewis & Clark, and the Military Road,) from city to prairie on your westward journey.