Grant Awards Program Description

Description of Grant Awards Program

(Note:  Only JCKHF affiliate member organizations are eligible to apply for and receive funding through the JCKHF Grant Awards program.)

The JCKHF consisting of a representative from each affiliate member organization, including several members-at-large, manages the Foundation. These representatives comprise the Foundation’s Board of Directors and are responsible for developing, maintaining, and enforcing guidelines for the administration of the Grant Awards Program.

The Grant Awards Program is designed to accept funding contributions from private sector and public sector sources, and to make periodic distributions of grants and funding awards from the assets of the Foundation’s investment fund account, in coordination with the investment fund administrator Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area (FFNHA).  The Grant Awards Program is designed for the purpose of providing grant funding specifically to those affiliate member organizations represented in good standing within the Foundationwhich have applied for and approved to be awarded a designated sum of grant funds to be distributed by FFNHA, as administer by the Foundation, for the preservation of valuable heritage and history of Johnson County.

Included within the administration of the Grant Awards Program, the Board of Directors shall:

  • Establish criteria eligibility to apply for a JCKHF grant
  • Establish criteria for grant Eligible projects
  • Establish criteria for projects ineligible to receive JCKHF grant awards
  • Develop forms for the application, evaluation, and award criteria
  • Develop guidelines and policies and procedures for review, award, and implementation processes
  • Receive, review, evaluate and rank grant applications from affiliate member organizations
  • Recommend grants and funding awards allocated from the Foundation investment fund
  • Determine timelines and schedules for process within the Grant Awards Program
  • Develop fiscal procedures to assure the effective administration of the Grant Awards Program

A selected body of individuals, independent from JCKHF, shall serve as a Grant Review Board (GRB) Following the scheduled grant application submittal process, the GRB shall review the applications submitted, and make its recommendations to the JCKHF Board for award(s).The Board shall make its grant award based on established criteria within its bylaws.  Each grant awarded to its respective JCKHF affiliate member applicant shall be administered by the Board in accordance with the parameters established within its bylaws.

Affiliate member organizations which receive grant awards from the Johnson County Kansas Heritage Foundation will be held accountable for the proper use of funds in accordance with the Articles and Bylaws, Policies and Procedures.

Contact Information

The Foundation serves as the administrator for the Grant Awards Program.   Inquiries regarding applications, policies and procedures, or grant awards by the Foundation may be directed to the address below:

Johnson County Kansas Heritage Foundation
1200 E. Kansas City Road
Olathe, Kansas 66061-3002