Partners in Preservation


In support of its effort to implement a sustainable and perpetual program to support historical preservation, education, and advocacy within Johnson County, the Johnson County Kansas Heritage Foundation employs a PARTNERS IN PRESERVATION program. 

Essential elements to the program are: Preservation, Funding, and Education. 

The PARTNERS IN PRESERVATION program is administered through the collaborative efforts of the various affiliate member organization, either being registered as 501(c)(3) not-for profit organizations, or governmental agencies, with the purpose of heritage and cultural preservation, advocacy, and education.

The PARTNERS IN PRESERVATION program is designed and implemented to include:

Preservation Partnerships:

(Skilled volunteers and professional staffing)

  • Annually, area residents donate thousands of hours and resources for the primary purpose of education, preservation, and advocacy for Johnson County’s heritage and cultural interests. Individuals apply their interest, skills, and expertise to serve the public as the past is preserved.
  • Professional staffing, typically very small in size, provides expertise in administration, facilities management, maintenance, and programming, in addition to their historical knowledge and expertise. The professional staffer is invaluable to the heritage and cultural preservation process, complimenting the volunteer services of ‘preservation partners’. 

Current Preservation Partnerships:

  • Johnson County Park and Recreation District

Funding Partnerships:

(Financial investors from public and private sectors)

  • Develop a trust/endowment fund, professionally managed by private or public personnel, which is contributed to and supported by various public and private partners that value the interests of heritage and cultural preservation in Johnson County.
  • JCKHF members will utilize trust/endowment funds as a funding source to augment financial support for preservation, education, and advocacy. 
  • Trust/endowment fund distributions will have the oversight of a review board, and administered in partnership with the fund manager, JCKHF members, and the public-at-large.

Current Funding Partnerships:

  • First National Bank of Omaha, Olathe Branch

 Education Partnerships:

The education community is a valued and vital partner in the preservation and conservation interests of Johnson County. Education is derived through many forms, including period reenactments and interpretative portrayals. These forms of historic, heritage and cultural preservation activities provides for scholarly research, and opportunity for individuals to educate, and be educated, by bringing history alive, giving relevant perspectives of life experiences of actual historic figures.

Education is the vehicle by which the knowledge of our heritage is transmitted. The value of preservation programming and funding is diminished if their purpose is not connected with education. As educators, our Foundation’s affiliate member organizations have been engaged as preservation, education, and advocacy partners for decades.