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Preserving Our Heritage

Preservation of our heritage is more than remembering dates and places in past times. It is to know the people who came before us; understanding the influences upon their lives and how their influence impacts our lives today. Our community’s heritage is a collective of its human experience, as documented through its historic sites; oral history; printed records; historic archives; art and photographic images; heirlooms and artifacts representing earlier times and cultural activity. Our heritage is the cornerstone to the quality of lifestyle valued by those who have vested interests in Johnson County, Kansas. This cornerstone is not solely grounded upon the soil where we construct our homes, yet is grounded in the character of those who came before us. To understand and appreciate the legacy of those who planted their roots here in Johnson County, is to better view the knowledge of who we are and why it is imperative to preserve their legacy for present and future generations to inherit, and whereby to build their lives upon.

It is from this vision of purpose that the various preservation organizations in Johnson County joined in a unified effort to assure the historic record of Johnson County is preserved. From initial efforts in December of 2014, a viable coalition of preservation interests was formed as the Johnson County Heritage Preservation Fund Coalition.  Steps evolved to assess options, to develop plans forward, and to create a process whereby solution for an effective funding program would develop the funding vehicle to support the cause of preservation in our county.

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