Johnson County Kansas Heritage Foundation



The Johnson County Kansas Heritage Foundation  (Foundation) is a collective civil body of registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations, or governmental agencies, organized  for historical and cultural preservation, education, and advocacy activities in Johnson County, Kansas, to preserve and guard our County’s heritage for present and future generations.

The purpose of the Foundation is to be a revenue source for its affiliate member organizations, in partnership with both the public and private sectors of our Johnson County community, to support historical and cultural preservation, education, and advocacy within Johnson County, Kansas.  The Foundation is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of a representative from each affiliate member organization, including several members-at-large.  The Foundation shall administer a Grants Program designed to accept contributions from private sector and public sector sources, and to periodically distribute funds its affiliate member organizations for the preservation of valuable heritage and history of Johnson County.

Through its GRANTS PROGRAM, the Foundation offers a funding mechanism to support the mission of the Foundation by providing periodic grant awards to its various affiliate member organizations. For decades, these independently chartered historical associations, societies, and preservation groups have functioned within Johnson County, applying their resources to preserve the historic record of the County. Their achievements are proven in well preserved and interpreted historic landmarks and educational programming designed to nurture and educate the public, and especially to inspire the youth of today.  As advocates, these organizations are committed to their mission of preserving the past, and advocate for the public’s interest to preserve our heritage.

The Foundation invites both the public and private sectors, including the educational institutions of our community, to join as Partners in Preservation.  Together, the preservation of the heritage and historic record of Johnson County, Kansas is assured.